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Surveyor´s Fees

It is important when buying in Spain that you have a survey undertaken before you place a deposit on a property.In comparison to the level of investment that is required to purchase a property, the cost of a detailed surveyor’s report amounts to a small but worthwhile investment.

If any flaws or defects are detected during the survey prior to purchase, allows the client to use the inspection report as a useful negotiating tool been able to reduce the purchase price or change some of the conditions in the purchasing contract. In the worst case scenario my advice is: walk away from the property and save yourselves thousands of euros and endless problems.

As I have worked on behalf of clients as a judicial expert to the Spanish Court, I have seen many cases of bad and unlawful business practice, so be extremely careful and do not fall into the trap of cutting corners on initial survey costs.The legal process in Spain is long, arduous and usually very expensive. Professional inquires welcomed from lawyers.

For many reasons estimates including professional fees are assessed on a case by case basis.

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