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Conservation and maintenance of buildings

In order to fulfill its aim, all construction must assure the conservation and availability of the precise material means for its use. Based on this premise, the maintenance of the construction and its facilities guarantees the habitability of the building and allows it to reach its optimal useful life, conserving or even raising its economic value.

If there is an analogy between the health of people and buildings, where maintenance plays a role analogous to Medicine, we can consider maintenance to be the medical science of buildings in their use and operation. From an industrial point of view, maintenance is an indirectly productive activity, necessary but insufficient.

Nevertheless, from the point of view of architectonic technique, it bears a close relationship with other technical functions of construction. The process of construction can be divided between four technical functions: Project, Construction, Maintenance and Quality.

The three first follow one another in time with partial superpositions, while the last spans and is superimposed on the other three. It can be determined that the useful life of the building is predetermined by these four closely related functions, understanding by useful life that time during which the functional requirements of quality and cost are maintained.


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