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Property Inspection Report through the qualified Spanish architect Daniel González Aranda and his partners is a multi-disciplinar surveying practice based in Vera, Almería, Spain.

Daniel González Aranda is regulated by the Institute of Architects in Spain, and therefore governed by all their rules and ethics as laid down in their code of conduct.

As a free lance surveyor D.G.A. can provide a totally independent report assessing any visible defects on the property.

Building Surveys as any other professional service offered are carried out trough Spain, but specifically in Andalusia (provinces of Almería, Malaga and Granada), region of Murcia and Alicante.

D.G.A. is a property professional providing a range of services on residential areas, working in a clear and honest manner on behalf of clients.

In Testimonials it is possible to read comments from clients and professionals.

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Over the years D.G.A. has worked with a wide range of people and on different circumstances, from private clients to communities of owners, including in both cases negotiations looking for technical and economic solutions for the problems found.

When it wasn´t possible D.G.A. finally serve clients as party expert in the court case.

Working as an expert adviser to the Court of Law and on behalf of private clients, D.G.A. have seen many cases of bad business practice, so be extremely careful and don’t fall into the trap of cutting corners on initial surveys, this is why D.G.A. is fully aware of the importance of client´s property decisions.

Remember, the legal process in Spain is long and usually very expensive.


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