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Repairing & Refurbishment Projects

I can also provide assistance with repairing, refurbishment projects and building works, e.g. the photo shows new micro pilots waiting for a new reinforced concrete slab. They are located where half of the existing pool was demolished consequence of settlements. A smaller new pool was built there, part of it inside the remaining pool used as formwork and the other half on top of the new reinforced concrete slab. For more information go to Services > Repairing / Refurbishment / New Projects


Daniel Gonzalez Aranda

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Qualified Spanish Architect.

Registered at the Spanish Institute of Architects in Almería and at the Judicial Expert and Forensic Architects Association. He is regulated by the College of Architects in Spain, and therefore governed by all their rules and ethics, as laid down by their Code of Conduct.

Working area, all the services offered can be arranged throughout Spain, but more specifically in the regions of Almería, Malaga, Granada and Murcia.

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