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Building Survey - Structural Survey

Totally independent report outlining any visible defects in accordance with the photographic illustrations, it covers those parts of the property which are visible and accessible, a full inspection with test of services and machinery where practical, including any roof space. Depending on weather and property conditions, the survey can include an infrared technique enabling me to detect problematic areas that otherwise would not be visible. Go to Services > Building Survey - Structural Survey.


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Certified Legal Surveys

It is in the case of the technical report issued being used in a judicial procedure, a claim for damage to the building, or professional negligence on the part of the agents intervening in the construction process. As I have worked on behalf of clients as a judicial expert to the Spanish Court, I have seen many cases of bad and unlawful business practice, so be extremely careful and do not fall into the trap of cutting corners on initial survey costs. For more information go to Services > CLS


Discount on the Purchase – Free Survey

Sometimes on specific occasions when humidity, settlements or any other kind of building problems are found in a property when having it inspected, a list of works to be carried out with a rough budget for them can be included in the Building Survey.

Clients may then use this information in order to do a counter-offer on properties, some of mine did get substantial discounts on their final sale price.

To read the full note go to Services > Discounts on the Purchase – Free Building Survey

Daniel Gonzalez Aranda

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Qualified Spanish Architect.

Registered at the Spanish Institute of Architects in Almería and at the Judicial Expert and Forensic Architects Association. He is regulated by the College of Architects in Spain, and therefore governed by all their rules and ethics, as laid down by their Code of Conduct.

Working area, all the services offered can be arranged throughout Spain, but more specifically in the regions of Almería, Malaga, Granada and Murcia.

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